Zunino Marmi | Genoa | Italy

Machining techniques

Flow Plant, hydro abrasive cutting with a jet of water at 4,300 bars of pressure with the addition of quartz.


Machine with a 0° to 9° tilting head and automatic cut correction.


The cutting of any material (from rubber to stainless steel) up to a maximum thickness of 155 mm.


Cutting with two-place decimal tolerance, suitable for intarsia and precision coupling.


Special machining techniques for maximum resistance, minimum weight and the use of natural resources.

Anthropomorphic arm (Robot ABB 6600) 3,800 mm useful stroke, a machine with practically unlimited versatility for a production that spans from statues to gears, to pieces of extreme design.


The combination of stone with backings of aeronautic origin like carbon fibre, glass, aluminium honeycomb.


Coupling with closed cell backings to obtain stone which totally floats.

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