Zunino Marmi - Italy - MarmoPelle
Zunino Marmi | Genoa | Italy

The MarmoPelle project is the result of the collaboration between

two companies specialised in nautical fittings

for luxury Yachts - Zunino Marmi and Santoro - with the aim of offering

the Client an exclusive product that can be fully customised

and which brings together comfort and design in true Italian style.

The floor surfaces, resistant to scuffing but comfortable for bare feet,

are practical and liveable in any setting, with no damage to the value

and exclusivity of the material's composition.


The solid surfaces are available in marble, wood, glass,

mirror or leather, with a wide selection of leathers

both in terms of colour and type, for full personalisation.


MarmoPelle was developed to be totally customisable

and therefore easily inserted into any interior decorating

project or added to an existing setting

as a decorative element.

The intarsia work can depict stylised figures,

geometric compositions or anything else the Designer

or Client wishes to reproduce.


MarmoPelle can be produced using solutions that offer

thermo-heating, back-lighting and water-proofing.

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